How to Deal With: An Old Worn Desk

I got this old desk off of kijiji near the end of last summer, when we just needed furniture regardless of how it looked.  The desk was free, and I thought it was a cute shape with great potential, even though the drawer fronts were missing half of the veneer.

This week I finally decided to drag it out to the backyard to sand it down and give it a couple coats of white paint I had leftover from my bookshelves (I'll have to post a picture of those sometime).

After I painted it all and had peeled the veneer off of the drawer fronts, I pasted a textured wallpaper to the drawer fronts and painted it the same color, finishing it off with some drawer handles from Home Depot.

Our computer looks much nicer on it now, at least until we get a real computer desk that's the right height, and I can find a better home for this cute desk!