Throwing a Surprise Party

For Curtis's birthday this year, I decided to throw him a surprise party.  It took a lot of planning, and making, because I made most of the decorations and then enlisted my family to help the evening before to make a bunch of homemade pretzels for some of the party food (which were delicious).

After about a week of me making excuses to be out of the house every night, while hiding at my moms making the decorations, it was finally time for the party.

Unfortunately it was bad weather, the party was supposed to be outside in the yard because my house is pretty tiny, but somehow we fit everyone in there!

His friends and family arrived right on schedule, and we all waited for Curtis.  I'd enlisted the help of his friend, Cody, who took him to a movie right after work.  What I didn't account for is that, when there's a Chapters nearby, Curtis always wanders around it for a while.  Cody waited the Chapters crawl out, trying not to be obvious about getting Curtis home, but then Curtis had to go to Taco Time, because the two of them always go to Taco Time when they're hanging out.

Finally the guest of honor arrived, about an hour late for his own party, but it was all good, everyone had a good time chatting and visiting and snacking on all of Curtis's favorite snacks (this photo of Eli makes me laugh):

The girls had fun in the spare room playing with my old dolls I dug out of a box for them:

Curtis was hilarious to watch unwrapping his gifts, it was like he had practiced some comedy routine before hand, everyone was in stitches, my face hurt from laughing so hard.


Did I ever mention he loves new socks?

This was my gift to him, his team's Superbowl jersey

I made him a cheesecake for his birthday, it's the best cheescake I've ever had, and everyone else loved it too.  I'll have to post the recipe later, when I post all the decorations that I did (/jennieguenard/2011/09/making-birthday-decorations.html).

I wonder what Curtis wished for this year!

A big shout out and huge thanks to everyone who helped pull this together, by helping make stuff, letting me borrow things, and for coming!  Thanks for helping me make this year's birthday special for Curtis.