Getting Lost

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I saw this on Pinterest today, and just had to blog about it.  This is one of our very favourite pastimes, we love getting lost!

Curtis always tells me about his "Jo-burg Adventures" when he was in Africa.  They would drive around in the city, Johannesburg, until they got lost and try to find their way back out again.  I know what your thinking and I agree: crazy!  I would never want to be lost in a dangerous city!

Here in Calgary and wherever we may be, though, I love getting lost with him.  Exploring is the best, you never know when you'll drive by some amazingly gorgeous house you never knew existed, or find a bike path that's even better than the ones you've been on before, or find an excellent little restaurant you never would have known existed if you hadn't taken the time to get lost.

This is our travelling motto:

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When we were in Barbados we got lost in the back alleys of the city and found some really neat little shops where I found the cutest dress!

I'll never forget our first time going to Banff together.  He was taking me on a date for the day, the summer we first met, and we got carried away talking and talking so much that we were in British Columbia by the time we realized we were lost.  We still laugh about it.  It was one of the best conversations we've ever had, and I love how we can still get carried away talking to each other and get lost all over again.