A Surprise Date

A week or two ago, my husband came in to my work to drop off the car and give me the keys.  He came up to my desk and stole my post-it notepad, then wrote:

I then asked, "What are we going to do?"

"I dunno, what do you want to do?"

"I don't think so, if you're asking me on a date you have to plan it.  I'm not planning my own date."  I put my foot down.  "Do you have something in mind?"

He responded by writing on my notepad again:

"What?!  No way!!!  How did you get tickets?!"  I was so excited!!!!  And immediately felt bad about "putting my foot down."  Have I ever mentioned that I have the best husband ever?

As it turned out, Curtis's awesome sister (thanks Stef!!!), who works at the Saddledome, was able to get four tickets to the concert that night, so we took my parents on a double date and  it was amazing!  I love Josh Groban!  He opened with one of my favourite songs, Changing Colours by The Great Lake Swimmers.

AMAZING!  Also they are a Canadian band.  How fantastic is that?

He is so talented and puts on a fantastic show.  He knows how to entertain an audience.  Throughout the concert you could text a question to him and he answered a few of them, which ended up with him improv-ing a song about a girl in the audience, and singing some of Kanye West's tweets.  He was hilarious, and even better live than on his albums.

His songs are so touching and sentimental and full of emotion, I couldn't help the tears that came to my eyes during a few of the especially touching songs.  Broken Vow is now one of my new favourites of his, it's extremely sad (for some reason sad songs are my favourite songs), but devastatingly beautiful.

Such an amazing concert.  I'll be first in line to get tickets next time he comes back.  What a show!