An Excess of Apples

The other day, Curtis's Mom emailed his sister and I, letting us know she had too many apples from the tree and that we should come over and make pies.

That's exactly what we did!

I was so nervous about the pie crust, I have never had a good experience with these things, and when I pulled it out of the fridge after cooling off, sure enough it was too dry to roll out.  I put it in a bowl and added a bit more water.  It was far too wet and I was trying not to panic.  I added a bit more flour, and it was just right!

The edge of the crust was kind of hideous, so I used the little pastry cutters that Stefanie had brought (they were so cute!) and punched out a bunch of leaves to put around the edge, and then scattered some on top, to look like a pile of autumn leaves.  Isn't it adorable?

They turned out delicious, and it was a fun team effort spending some time with the girls and making pies.