Bedroom Decor {Before & After}

I thought it was about time I posted a few more before and afters!

Our master bedroom has come a long way since we first moved in, when we slept on six of our borrowed couches cushions pulled together to create a mattress.

Here is my bedroom all decorated:

And of course some before's and afters:

The photo above is after the room was painted, and the one below is the only photo I had of the ugly dark teal feature wall before the room was painted.

I love how light and airy the room is, while it still has punches of dark navy blue.

The two monogrammed pillows, the headboard, and the curtains were all made from a single duvet cover I purchased at Value Village.  Buying the duvet cover gave me double the fabric to work with that I would have if I had only purchased a sheet, a huge savings.  The pillows were monogrammed thanks to my mom's quilting business, and I could design the custom monogram I wanted, which was fantastic.

The knitted blanket on the bed I did myself.  It took forever to complete, as it's twice the size as in the pictures, but it turned out beautiful and I love it.

Some of the projects in this room I completed a while ago, so I can't remember exactly what they all cost, but I'll do a run down of what I remember:

Fabric (headboard, pillows, curtains) - $10
End Tables (value village) - $14
Tray (garage sale) - $5
Artwork (done by me) - Free!
Art Frames - were half price at Ikea

Simple, but I love it.