As most of you know, we're expecting a baby!  I'm obviously very excited about it.

We wanted to wait until Curtis was finished school, which he completed this last spring, and so it was time to start our family.  I actually found out I was pregnant on the day of his graduation party, talk about timing.  It's funny how, when I think about my life, I feel much older than I am, but I'm only 22!

I've been done college and have been married for over three years already, and I run my own photography business and am able to do that full time.  Now I'm having a baby, exactly at that place in my life where I wanted it to happen, and am still able to start having children while I'm young.  I've been very fortunate and am constantly grateful for the route I've been able to take in life, and especially for meeting the love of my life early on.

I'm so excited we're starting our family!

Back to being pregnant, I've been really fortunate so far with avoiding nausea, aside from a couple days.  My first trimester I needed a lot of sleep, and was very tired, but this trimester has been really good for the most part.  I'm hoping I'll have enough energy to carry me through the busy autumn season at work!

This last Sunday I hit the 18 week mark.  I could not wait for this week to come, because it meant we could find out if we were having a boy or a girl.  I just wanted to start sewing and decorating and making things for our little one while I've got some energy this trimester, and now I finally can (stay tuned for my gender reveal party post)!

So far I can still wear a lot of my normal clothing, but maternity pants are certainly more comfortable.  Hopefully they'll start staying up soon, because I much prefer them.  Good thing most of the dresses I made within the last year are stretchy material, since I've found dresses to be much more comfortable than pants!

For the 3rd and part of the 4th month, every time I put an outfit on I would look in the mirror, wonder why it just didn't look like I expected, then shake my head and think of how I needed to lose weight.  Then I would remember I was pregnant and that my body is supposed to be changing in this way!  What a relief!  It's been far easier to dress now that I'm starting to show, because comfortable stretchy clothing, which tends to be tighter, doesn't make me look like I've got an over-grown muffin-top happening anymore.  I've certainly been having a lot more fun getting dressed these last few weeks!