Baby Georgia's Arrival

Our baby has arrived!  We are so happy and so lucky to have her.

She was born on February 20, and it began with my water breaking at 3:30 in the morning.  I was excited, especially because at this point I was eleven days late and feeling a bit uncomfortable (huge).  Unfortunately there was meconium, and so we met our midwives at the hospital to confirm this and let us know if we could go back home for at least a while, or if we had to stay in the hospital.

We ended up having to stay in the hospital, and I was induced right away to help this baby come faster.  Labour had started on it's own and had been bearable, but with the synthetic oxytocin, the pains became much stronger and closer together.  I couldn't have dealt with the back labour without one of my midwives and Curtis taking turns pushing on my back, they were so helpful.

I was progressing well when suddenly our baby's heart rate dropped from about 130 to 60, and stayed there without recovering it's original speed.  This was around 9:45, and so my midwife called the OB in to consult.  Almost immediately there were quite a few people in the room, and I heard someone talking about telling them to prepare the operating room immediately.  They told me I was going to have an emergency c-section, and I remember laying on my back and looking up into Curtis's face, and his look of complete calm helped keep me grounded as they wheeled me into the emergency room.

Since I didn't have an epidural or any painkillers going, they had to put me completely under to perform the surgery.  The last thing I remember is one of my midwives holding my hand, and then I was out.

Our baby was born at 10:08, that's how quickly everything went.  It was all so fast, I guess they had to x-ray me afterwards to make sure they hadn't left behind any instruments, since there had been no time for them to do their official count of them before and after.

While I was asleep, below is what was happening.  Thank goodness for pictures, so that I can still see these moments I wasn't able to be a part of.

The hardest part was after I woke up and had to wait another half hour to meet her.  They told me she was doing great, that her feet were barely out of me when she started screaming.  The reason her heart rate had dropped was because the placenta had already started detaching, and so there was nothing to do but get her out immediately.

Curtis came in to check on me while I was waking up, and then went back to the baby to wheel her to our room where we would meet.  Unfortunately I was still pretty drugged up, and had a really hard time keeping my eyes open, but I was still so happy to see her!

We stayed in the hospital two nights, and the nurses were great for the most part (aside from the one who mistook my asking for a little help with the baby one night for needing a social worker to come talk to me!!!  Scary!), helping me a lot with breastfeeding and getting the lactation consultants to come see me frequently.  Thankfully that's been successful, as hard as it was to deal with learning to breastfeed, recover from surgery, and take care of a newborn all at once.

She is so beautiful and has so many people around who love her!  I'm so grateful she was okay, and is not just doing well but thriving.  We are so blessed : )

I couldn't believe we were allowed to just take this gorgeous little girl home, that our little family has another whole person in it.  We are the luckiest parents.